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Disability Benefit Act

Last updated on July 26th 2023

An update on Bonita Zarrillo’s work as critic for Disability Inclusion

The passage of the Canada Disability Act through the House of Commons is a long-overdue to lift people living with a disability out of poverty once and for all. The Canadian disability framework bill happened because of the incredible work done by the disability community. Individuals, advocates, and allies who have worked tirelessly to express the urgent need to improve the lives of persons with disabilities living in poverty in this country have done tremendous work.

While we welcome this step forward, it must be noted that this new benefit still lacks details related to income help for those who desperately need it to afford rent, mortgage, and groceries. We still do not know how much the benefit will be, when the benefit will be delivered, and who will qualify for the benefit. The Liberals have left Canadians wondering what comes next. New Democrats will continue to push this government to get those answers to Canadian families.

This new benefit must not fail Canadians and must be the solution that will make life easier for Canadians living with a disability. Over the next year, there will be many questions that you and others will have about this bill.

The Federal Government announced on July 24th the plan of how they will proceed with the consultation process and development of the regulations for the Disability Benefits Act.

In August 2023, an information session will be held with disability stakeholders to establish a common understanding of the regulations process.

In September, technical roundtables and bilateral meetings will be held to bring together the views of experts, stakeholders, and persons with disabilities on critical areas under the regulations.

In Fall 2023-Winter 2023, there will be an online survey and portal for open submissions to gather input from all Canadians.

Your voice is needed, and together we can hold this government accountable to get Disabled Canadians out of poverty.

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