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April 19th, 2024

Liberals leave more than one million people with disabilities in poverty


April 29, 2024

COQUITLAM —On Monday, NDP Critic for Disability and Inclusion Bonita Zarrillo (Port Moody—Coquitlam) grilled the Liberal Minister responsible for persons with disability for failing to lift people with disability out of poverty.

At the parliamentary committee that deals with issues related to disability benefits, Zarrillo reminded the minister that her government’s Budget 2024 allocated a mere $200 a month for the Canada Disability Benefit.

“More than a million people with disability live in poverty across Canada,” said Zarrillo. “New Democrats and people with disabilities have been pushing the Liberals to act for years to deliver a Canada Disability Benefit. Yet what they have announced is woefully inadequate. At $200 a month, the benefit doesn’t even cover the cost of groceries, let alone rent, medications or other expenses. It’s disappointing that the Liberals once again failed to live up to their own promises.”

Zarrillo added that the Liberals ignored their own advisory council, thousands of advocates, and people with disabilities across the country when implementing the Canada Disability Benefit. As a result, the benefit isn’t meeting the needs of people to make ends meet.

“The Liberals never seem to run out of money for handouts to giant corporations and rich CEOs. But when it comes to the support promised to people living with disabilities, suddenly all they offer is crumbs. People living with a disability deserve to live in dignity.

“Furthermore, this government has not done the work to make the Canada Disability Benefit adequate and accessible. The Liberals haven’t even secured with the provinces and territories that this crucial benefit will not be clawed back. Meanwhile the Conservatives want to cut the Canada Disability Benefit all-together. New Democrats are fighting for you. We’ll keep pushing to increase the Canada Disability Benefit to lift people living with disabilities out of poverty.”