Canada's NDP


June 6th, 2024

NDP calls one of Canada’s biggest corporate landlords to testify on tenant evictions

OTTAWA – On Monday afternoon, NDP Infrastructure and Communities critic Bonita Zarrillo brought forward a motion to bring Starlight Investments, one of Canada’s biggest corporate landlords, to testify on their latest round of affordable housing evictions.
“Every Canadian deserves a safe place to call home that they can truly afford to live in, and people in Toronto should know why Starlight is threatening to evict them,” said Zarrillo. “Under the Liberals we are witnessing these corporate landlords evicting people from affordable homes so that they can jack up the rent. It’s completely unacceptable. Seniors are ending up on the street. This is why this company must explain themselves. Canadians deserve to know why Starlight Investments is evicting them.”
Starlight Investment owns more than 54,000 multi-family units across Canada, yet it still receives tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer loans through the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation.
For over a year, tenants in their units in Toronto have been protesting the landlord’s above guideline rent increases amid an affordability crisis. Starlight Investments has even served the families with eviction notices.
“The Liberals keep handing out public money to corporate landlords without ensuring the homes they provide are stable and affordable. The Conservatives are not the answer—they fight to give these landlords even more power over housing,” said Zarrillo. “Neither of those options is going to ensure you have an affordable place to call home. But while Justin Trudeau’s Liberals let these corporate landlords off the hook, and Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives work for them, New Democrats are fighting for you. It’s why we’re pushing to bring Starlight Investors to parliament and answer to Canadians.”
Here is the text of the motion:
Given that Starlight Investments, one of Canada’s largest landlords, is seeking to evict its tenants at 71, 75 and 79 Thorncliffe Park Drive, while receiving federal loans to purchase rental properties, pursuant to standing order 108(1), the committee call on the CEO of Starlight Investments, Daniel Drimmer, to appear before the committee by June 7th, 2024, to testify in relation to the study on Federal Housing Investment for a minimum of two hours to answer questions about his decision to evict Canadians from their affordable housing during a housing crisis.